Knick Labs is a web and mobile application development consultancy

Owned & operated by Nickolas Kenyeres


My name is Nickolas Kenyeres. I am also known as @knicklabs on the web. I am a web and mobile application developer, specializing in building rich user interfaces with React, React Native, and Backbone/Marionette, as well as full stack web applications with Ruby on Rails and Laravel.

I am a technologist that believes in community and mentorship. I co-founded Software Niagara — a grassroots group that organizes educational and networking events to promote technology and connect the local software community.

Open source technology is very important to me. I rely on it to earn my living. The software solutions I create are invariably based on open source solutions. I contribute to open source Ruby and JavaScript projects. I also enjoy speaking about these things to.

Through my consultancy Knick Labs, I create bespoke web-based and mobile software solutions for applications in industry and applied research. 

Outside of my work and community involvement, I am an avid runner and cyclist. I can frequently be found at the local run club or out on the road cycling. I enjoy running races. My most recent accomplishment was completing the 2016 Las Vegas Rock and Roll Half Marathon.

I live in the Niagara Region with my partner and our two dogs. 

I'm available for projects and talks