An Introduction to RubyGems and Bundler

One of the greatest pleasures of working with Ruby on Rails is the large volume of quality libraries that are available to work with. As a developer, you can stitch together a web app using mostly off-the-shelf components. The speed with which you can turn out a prototype — or even a completed product — is phenomenal.

These days, I enjoy working with NodeJS/Express and Elixir/Phoenix. However, these solutions do not yet have the high quality and mature ecosystem that the Ruby and Rails communities have fostered. (Though they are quickly catching up). It is for this reason that I keep coming back to Rails when I need to get things done.

Building Static Websites with Middleman and WordPress

Static sites have become incredibly popular amongst web developers in recent years. It's easy to see why. We can write content in markdown, store it in a version control system, and run it all through a static site generator to compile a website. The compiled website can be tossed up on a content delivery network. No need for databases. Static sites provide a secure, high-performance and massively scalable solution for content delivery. And they're quick to build to.