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Coming Soon... Software Niagara

I have started a grassroots initiative called Software Niagara to help foster a stronger software community in the Niagara Region. In hacker parlance, it is a fork of Software Hamilton - a group that has done a great job building a strong software community in Hamilton through events such as Demo Camps and Start-Up Drinks.

I want to thank Software Hamilton for their help and encouragement in starting Software Niagara. I'll be happy if we experience a fraction of their success.

Read on for more information on Software Niagara.

What is Software Niagara?

Software Niagara is an indepentent grassroots initiative focused on building a stronger software community in the Niagara Region. We strive to connect local people with an interest in software - that includes professional developers, computing students, hackers, entrepreneurs, and so many others. We do this primarily by organizing events such as Demo Camps.

Are There Groups That Do This Already?


If there are any other groups we've missed, please email me us info@softwareniagara.com or send us a message on Twitter to let us know.

Why Do This?

We believe that for communities to get stronger, they need to interact more. We want to provide even more ways for software folk in Niagara to connect and find each other. We also hope that other software-related groups in Niagara use Software Niagara as a platform to promote their groups.

What Are You Planning?

We are currently planning a demo camp event for this summer. Demo Camps are a great way to meet others in the local tech community and see what they are working on.

And that's all. We don't want to get ahead of ourselves. We want to see how demo camp goes and get feedback from the community on where this should go long term.

How Can I Help?

Here's what we need:

  • People to demo cool things they have developed
  • Someone to give a keynote at our first demo camp
  • People to come to our first demo camp

If you can help with any of this, please contact us at info@softwareniagara.com or send us a message on Twitter.

Where Can I Find Out More?

We're finishing our website and setting a date for demo camp. We jumped the gun a bit with putting up this FAQ because we were adding a bunch of people to our Twitter account and thought we owed you an explanation.