Open Source

I have created some open source code libraries for the JavaScript and Ruby ecosystems.


NPM Module

Lorem-ipsum.js is a Node.js and Component.js module for generating passages of lorem ipsum text. Lorem ipsum text is commonly used as placeholder text in publishing, graphic design and web development. This module allows for placeholder text to be generated on the server or in the browser. It includes a number of advanced configuration options.

Lorem-ipsum.js is downloaded more than 15,000 times a month and is a dependency of nearly 40 other NPM modules.

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Ruby Gem

Middleman-WordPress is an extension for the popular Ruby-based Middleman static site generator. Middleman-WordPress facilitates the building of static sites using dynamic WordPress-managed content. The extension pulls content from WordPress using the WP REST API plugin, which has recently been included in WordPress core.

I wrote a blog post about building static websites with Middleman and WordPress and gave a detailed talk on building static websites with WordPress-managed content.

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Ruby Gem

OMG Validator is a library that extends ActiveRecord for Ruby on Rails to add additional validators to ActiveRecord-backed models. OMG Validators allows you to validate fields for alpha-dash characters, alphanumeric characters, alpha characters, dates, email addresses, IP addresses, US and Canadian phone numbers, US and Canadian postal/zip codes, strong passwords, and URLs.

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