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Preliminary Version of Lorem-Ipsum Module Released

I made a simple Node module tonight that generates passages of Lorem Ipsum, which is great placeholder text. This is a preliminary version so it does not have many options yet, but it is nonetheless useful.

How to Use the Module

Install the module through npm.

npm install lorem-ipsum

Require the module in your script. It returns a function which you can call. When invoked, the function will return a string of lorem ipsum text.

var g = require('lorem-ipsum')
  , s = g();

You can also pass options to the function. You can pass a count and specify if you want words or sentences.

s = g({count: 5, units: 'words'});

How to Use the Command Line Interface

Install the module globally through npm.

npm install lorem-ipsum -g

Running the command lorem-ipsum will output a paragraph of lorem ipsum text. You can also specify a count and whether you want words or sentences.

lorem-ipsum 5 --sentences